Vol. 39 No. 3, August 2023

Special Issue publishing papers presented at the International Conference on Cryptocurrency and Central Bank Digital Currency, held in December 2022 at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. The conference was organized by BFLR Editorial Member, Professor Robin Hui Huang.


RYAN CLEMENTS AND VIRGINIA TORRIE, Crypto Asset Regulation in Canada: Developments and Governance Considerations  / 345

CHRISTIAN HOFMANN, The Impact of a Digital Dollar on Singapore’s Depositors, Banking Sector and Monetary System  / 381

ROBIN HUI HUANG AND SUNNY XIYUAN LI, China’s Pursuit of Central Bank Digital Currency: Reasons, Prospects and Implications  / 409

DIRK A. ZETZSCHE, DOUGLAS W. ARNER AND ROSS P. BUCKLEY, Sustainability, Financial Inclusion and Efficiency: A Trilemma or a Trifecta for the Regulation of Digital Finance  / 445

ROLF H. WEBER AND RAINER BAISCH, Cryptoassets: Taxonomy and Regulatory Approaches  / 467

PAWEE JENWEERANON, Digitalisation in Finance: Regulatory Challenges in Selected ASEAN Countries  / 507

RAINER KULMS, The Private (Law) Side of CBDCs / 547