The BFLR’s review process entails an initial review of the manuscript by the Editor-in-Chief/Managing Editor or Section Editor to gauge its suitability for possible publication based on subject matter and calibre. Manuscripts that pass the initial review are subject to a double-blind review by two reviewers with special expertise in the subject area.


The purpose of the Banking & Finance Law Review’s Expert Peer Review process is to provide an additional review of the merits of the manuscript by reviewers with relevant subject-matter expertise. As part of the Banking & Finance Law Review’s editorial review process, the Expert Peer Reviewer’s Report informs decision-making by the Editor-in-Chief or Section Editor and provides authors with valuable feedback with which to refine and enhance their work.


We appreciate your contribution in time and expertise to review this manuscript for possible publication. Your candour and probity in completing the Expert Peer Review report are encouraged. The Editorial Team strives to provide superb service to authors, curate content of the highest calibre, and operate with the utmost professionalism. Accordingly, we ask that you adopt a constructive tone in your report by:

  • focusing on issues of quality and the contribution of the manuscript 
  • keeping infrequent or minor issues in perspective, and
  • backing up both positive and negative comments with specific examples

If, for any reason, you feel unable to complete a review of this manuscript in this constructive spirit, please contact the Managing General Editor or Section Editor to advise of your concerns. You are always free to decline to review the manuscript.

Language and Style

The Banking & Finance Law Review publishes work by authors from around the world and English is not everyone’s first language. In your review, focus on the substantive merits of the manuscript. Any language issues, as well as conformity with the Banking & Finance Law Review’s Style Guidelines, will be addressed through copy editing prior to publication.

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